Friday, March 15, 2013

Review: Bebe.Finds Quick and Easy Nail Polish Remover

I know, I know! I have a lot of pending product reviews from my previous hauls. But, you know, there will always be a time where there would be one product that would stand out, you can't help but share it first!

I found this Nail Polish Remover a few weeks ago from Super Sale Bazaar. It works like magic! I never thought that taking away nail polish would be this easy!

The bottle contains a foam soaked with cleaning solution in two scents (lemon and bubblegum)

P100/ bottle around $2.00 only.

AVAILABILITY: You may buy it from Bebe Finds

Just dip your fingers, wiggle it inside the solution and voila! Clean nails! 

  • The ingredients are not indicated in the packaging. I would feel more comfortable using products that indicate their content - just to assure myself that it is safe for use. Other than that, I can't think of any.
  • Doesn't have a strong scent chemical scent like most polish removers have. It comes in lemon or bubblegum scent.
  • Doesn't discolor my nails after use.
  • Very easy to use - and very convenient too!
  • Doesn't leave a mess when using unlike our traditional way of cleaning our nails with cotton and acetone.

Here's how it looks like inside the jar

Using my Orly Nail Polish in 2 coats

Tadah!! Clean nails.. like magic!

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